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  • 2009/08/28
    However, the 531 students were delighted by their new school, which overlooks the Yangtze River and sits by a 1,700-year-old temple."It's so beautiful. I want to draw the great river, the temple, the trees and hills, our school and everything," sixth grader Liu Chao was quoted as saying by Chongqing...
  • 2008/10/13
    While this is hailed as "good news" for local people like Mao, the company itself also considers the relocation as an ideal alternative for it to seek further development, says Liu Qun, director of the environmental protection department of the company.Located within a cluster of residential communi...
  • 2004/09/04
    This story goes back to October 24 last year, when Xiong Deming, a woman living in a poverty-stricken village in Southwest China, was on her way home with a sack of pig feed on her back.As she struggled home, she saw a crowd gathered in the street - in the middle of which, was Premier Wen Jiabao. He...
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